Playing with Code Interpreter to learn about Software Engineer salaries

I've been playing around with OpenAI's code interpreter. It's pretty interesting. My latest experiment has been getting a sense of software engineer salaries after adjusting for geographical differences in median salaries, taxes, and cost of living. The output of all this is the following graph: 2 bar charts showing how salaries compare across a selection of American and Canadian cities

As you can see I've restricted myself a bit to just a few cities in America and Canada based both on my own personal interest in living in those cities and the data I could gather from's 2022 pay report + Numbeo. And for evidence that ChatGPT itself came up with this: Code Interpreter's code

I've also had some success using Code Intepreter to help plan out what orders to send to my brokerage to maintain my desired asset allocation and have had some success doing that as well. It's interesting that anytime I have a spreadsheet, I can just use GPT4 to analyze my spreadsheet for me.